Tulane vs. UAB

Since it was rather cold in Hammond this afternoon, Dad and I passed on the baseball game and went to see the Tulane women’s basketball team play UAB. Tulane has a great team this year, currently 21-4. There was a nice crowd of exactly 1,111 on hand for this afternoon’s match.Tulane and UAB were largely neck and neck through the first half. Tulane had a narrow lead at the half with the score 29-26. While both teams played well, it took me a bit to get used to the infrequency of scoring in women’s basketball. It’s been a good while since I was last at such a game.Tulane pulled ahead in a big way in the second half with a 17-3 run at the start of the half. I kinda felt sorry for UAB’s lead Carmen Guzman, who was visibly distressed. The final score was 66-48.The basketball season is coming to a close and I’m sorry I haven’t been to more games, this one was quite fun. A handful of ‘vocal’ fans added considerable entertainment value, although the loudest one in the house was UAB’s coach, who was barking orders throughout the game. Mid way through the first half, UAB player Brittany Jones knocked down Ashley Langford who’d just stolen the ball, drawing boos throughout the rest of the game. A sizable group of fans booed whenever she had the ball, it was quite amusing.Dad and I came home after the game and went back out not long after. I agreed to tag along with Dad to Office Depot, Best Buy and the west bank office. Just as we were pulling out of tall timbers we heard a car accident right behind us at the corner of Gen. De Gaulle and Tall Oak Drive. This is a frequent trouble spot. Cars for whatever reason pull out in front of oncoming traffic and get hit. In this case a small Ford will two adults and two kids aboard pulled in front of another small sedan. We didn’t see the accident but we certainly heard it. Dad and I, along with the gentleman in the car in front of us got out to attend to those in the accident. Everyone appeared largely uninjured although the lone woman in the car driving Gen. De Gaulle had chest pain, likely caused by the airbag, and got an ambulance. We waited with the woman until it arrived, somewhere in the neighborhood of five minutes.Although I fully intended to buy something I don’t need, I came home empty handed. I wish I’d stayed home could have folded some T-shirts or something.

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