Tulane Baseball Season Opens Big

Dad and I got to the Mid City office early this morning at about 9:45 I’m not sure why. We had a handful of patient’s through the door today including a few new ones, but it wasn’t overwhelmingly busy. I have a bit of work to this afternoon, but not enough to particularly justify my presence. Had I not accompanied dad to the baseball game this evening I could have actually stayed home.Tulane’s baseball season began this evening with the first of three games versus Southeastern Louisiana at Zypher Field. The new Turchin Stadium is still under contraction so the green wave will continue to play there until about April. The weather was quite cold this evening. I had a jacket but I was a bit underdressed.Attendance to tonight’s game was quite impressive at about 3000 fans, especially considering the lousy weather and parades this evening.Tulane set the tone early with two runs in the first inning including a left field single by Warren McFadden, who saved a run with a great catch in the top of inning. Southeastern scored a run in the third. Tulane scored two in the fifth and one in the bottom of the sixth.I can’t remember exactly when, but I ran into Melanie at the game this evening. We haven’t seen each other in nearly two years. We spoke briefly. The conversation was surprisingly pleasant.SELU closed the gap seventh with two runs, bringing the score to 5-3. After the seventh inning stretch, Tulane scored four runs with two hits, bringing the score to 9-3. By this time Dad and I were ready to go as we were confidant of the outcome and it wasn’t getting any warmer.The eighth inning, which we heard on the radio heading home, was rather spectacular and long. There were ten runs on nine hits, including a grand slam homer by Rustin Rebowe. This “inning that would not end” was largely responsible for stretching the running time to 3:39. Southeastern managed to score one run in the top of the ninth bringing the final score to 19-4, a complete blowout.Later this evening I watched Flags of Our Fathers.

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