Corporate Ethics, or Something Like It

On Sunday, Dad and I went to see the third and final game versus Southeastern Louisiana. They lost again, 4-0. Although Tulane was hitting the ball satisfactorily, they were unable to convert hits to runs. Two double plays didn’t help either.I went to work with Dad this afternoon, arriving in Mid City at 12:15. I didn’t really do any work, although I did manage to break the internet connection. I was able to fix it just as we were leaving.We made a stop on the way to Metairie so dad could drop off some paperwork. I was going to work on dictation this afternoon but a bunch of little chores prevented me from getting around to it. We left the office at about five so I could get to class.This evening’s IT Ethics lecture had something to do with ethics in the corporate world. To be honest I didn’t pay that much attention, although a lot the material like personal needs was familiar as I head it in my intro to sociology class a while back at Tech. The lecture in the second have of the class has been consistently much less interesting than the case study discussion in the first half.After class I was hoping to catch the 7:50 shuttle but I either missed it or it never came. I caught the 8:20 and went to the Sheraton to wait for my ride.Later this evening I watched the Galactica and Rome episodes I missed yesterday.

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