New Year, New Office

Although a new year has arrived and a few things of circumstance have taken place, I still had not gotten around to this log lately. Since school is out, I’m not using my laptop, and when I’m not using my laptop, there aren’t new entries. I just can’t bring myself to type this thing on my desktop computer.For me, 2006 ended much like it’s been going for the past 365 days it’s generally been dull and pathetically lonely. I didn’t make any new friends, see much of the few I have or date anybody. It’s been a whole lot of nothing, but I can only blame myself.Over a week into 2007, I decided I’d better make an entry today because something happened. Dad opened a new clinic in Mid City today, the first time we’ve had an office in the city since Katrina, some 14 months ago. We moved in to the same building on South Carrollton Avenue that we were planning to move into the on the day the hurricane hit so we’re just 16 months late. It’s a nice office, a bit small but it should suit us well. This has been a long time coming, as the people Dad is renting from originally told us we’d be moving in last October. Several revised leases later, we’re finally in.For the last week or so, we’ve been spending time there moving in, getting things set up, assembling furniture and the like. I was still working on such things up until three this afternoon when our first patient arrived. I still don’t have my desk put together though, one of the parts was missing from the box so I have to wait on an ordered replacement. We saw three new patient’s in the office today and had one return. In addition to Dad, Doc and myself, a newly hired nurse, Anna worked in the office today.This evening I installed an “inskin” in my “newest” toy, an iRiver H320. I bought this little 20gb DAP for the express purpose of installing ROCKbox, open source replacement firmware. I’ve been a fan of the project for years and have been dying to try it out on a newer player. It’s simply awesome. I briefly considered buying a 5G iPod to satisfy my desire to play with ROCKbox, but they scratch too easily. A port is currently being worked on for my other MP3 player, a Sansa e200 series. Later on I watched the second episode of Hustle. My old roommate, John, suggested I might like this show and I do. I also spoke to Khadijah on the phone.

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