Johnny Vidacovich Trio

I went to the office for about noon today. On the way to Metairie we stopped at Winn Dixie for some bottled drinks, the bank and the new office in Mid City which finally looks to be about ready to open. It looks like the installation of fixtures is all that remains to be done.I had very little work to do today. Only two discharge reports justified my presence for six hours. Most of my time was spent with headphones on and a game of FreeCell, or typing this log. We left for the day shortly after six.Dad dropped me off on Frenchman St. This evening, I went to Snug Harbor with Andrey for dinner and the 8 o’clock set. I hadn’t seen him at length is quite a while and he wanted to catch up to this seemed as good an idea as any. I met his there at seven. Over dinner we mostly discussed cars and what we’ve been up to in the last several months. I had fried shrimp and I think Andrey had the shrimp creole.Immediately after we finished eating we saw the eight show, featuring Johnny Vidacovich of Astral Project and ‘special guests.’ Tonight, Steve Mazakowski, also of Astral Project performed along with Steve’s son, Mike I think… on the bass. His son actually attends the same school as my little brother.While I wouldn’t have called the music bad, I would also be unable to say it was particularly entertaining. Both Vidacovich and Mazakowski are excellent musicians but making interesting music with a drum set, an electric guitar and a bass is obviously a tall order. A piano or wind instrument like, say, Tony Degradi on sax would have made the act so much better. We stayed for most of it but left a little early.After leaving Snug Harbor we stopped in d.b.a. for a drink. I wasn’t planning on staying more than a few minutes but we were there for about an hour and a half until we left at 10:30, when it got too loud to hear our own conversation. Andrey gave me a ride home and I arrived at 11:15. I was more than a little tired but I stayed up for a while to play with a new toy that arrived in the mail earlier today, a Sansa e280.

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