Back to School

Just to recap the last couple days: Who Dat! Jack is back! Ceaser is dead!I went to the office with dad for about 11 this morning. I had some dictation to work on but that didn’t take long and I had several hours to kill with the help of my laptop before leaving for the day.Today marks the start of the Spring semester. I had one class this evening, “War and National Policy Since 1945.” This class isn’t relevant to my major as most of my classes this term. The course offerings this term were kinda pathetic so I filled my schedule with fluff. The class of 40ish students was assigned to an rather small room, which is unfortunate. The professor seems to be popular and comes across as a decent guy. During the first session this evening, he went over the syllabus and introduced the subject matter. He showed a film after a ten minute break but I left early and didn’t see it.After class I met Dad at the Boot and went home after one drink. Later this evening I watched Boston Legal.

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