Law in Amer– Colonial History of Louisiana

Dad and I left the house not long after ten this morning. We went to the west bank office for a little while, just long enough for me to update the phone list. We then went over to the Mid City office for a couple hours. I can’t remember if I actually had any work to do there.Sometime after two this afternoon, Dad took me uptown to Tulane for my class this evening. I wanted to arrive early because I had a four o’clock appointment. I stopped by the bookstore to check out what books I might need. The bookstore is back in the student center, which recently opened after a two year renovation. This was my first time seeing the new building. It looks nice enough. I’d be rather unimpressed if this was new construction but as the renovation of a nearly 50 year old building, it’s pretty decent. The new bookstore looks rather nice as well, considerably bigger than the old one. I always wait a bit before buying books so I walked out empty handed.After leaving the student center I went to the library for about an hour. At four, I walked to Gibson Hall to meet my student advisor. I wanted to get a picture of how far I have to go before graduation and get an idea of what classes I still need to take. I spoke with her for about a half hour. I have a couple years left, which is fine. Apparently I’m nearly done with my major. I learned I need only four more history classes for a history minor so I’m going to shoot for that. I would also like to minor in digital design.I went back to the student center for something to eat. After that I went to the library for a little bit. Not long after I walked out of the meeting I decided I’d drop the class I signed up for this evening, Law in American Society, a pre law course. I signed up for it with no particular cause. At about five o’clock, I dropped it and added Colonial History of Louisiana. After changing my schedule I went over to Jones Hall where the class is held and waited for 5:45 while browsing eBay.There was a pretty decent crowd for the history class this evening, although the classroom it’s held in is not very big. Professor Wilbur Meneray started right on time. He’s an older, bearded gentleman the quintessential history teacher. He spend the class going over the syllabus, his teaching style, the exams, final paper and all that good stuff.Class was dismissed shortly after 7:00. I called Dad to see if I could get a ride. He was already at The Boot and I met his there. We stayed there for dinner and had hamburgers. I told him about my class this evening and Dad said he signed up for the same class a while back but said he dropped the class immediately after he found out Professor Meneray doesn’t use a textbook. I still don’t see how that’s a bad thing. After we finished eating we left and got home sometime after eight.The replacement battery I ordered for my iRiver arrived in the mail today. I spend the evening doing an operation on the player. Along with replacing the battery, I also replaced the casing with that of a broken player I recently got on ebay. I didn’t have too much trouble with the whole thing but the new battery, actually an iPod 1g battery, is slightly larger so things were a bit cramped. Before bed I watched the season one finale of Hustle.

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