First and Last N. O. Architecture Class

I went to work with Dad a bit earlier than usual this morning, arriving in Metairie at 10 AM. I had a tape full of initial reports to keep me busy. I worked on it somewhat sporadically so it kept me with something to do through the afternoon. I have our newest hire, Darenisha, some lessons on how do to the reports. She did as well as can be expected, making sense of doc’s mumbling is an acquired talent.Dad and I left the office around five to take me to Tulane for class this evening. Tonight was the first session of New Orleans Architecture, taught by Robert Cangelosi. He started promptly at 5:45. About five minutes into the session, I knew I’d be dropping the class. The professor had a hostile attitude like I’d never seen before. He wasn’t entirely overt about it, but his tone of voice sounded like he was speaking to us after we’d all failed the mid-term. You quickly get the feeling he hates teaching this class, which he’s been doing for quite some years. After introducing the course, he gave a lecture accompanied by slides about the urban history of New Orleans. He took a 10 minute break at 7 o’clock and I took the opportunity to leave the class. I took the shuttle home and Dad picked me up downtown. We got home in time to watch 24. I watched TV a while longer after that before going to bed at about one.

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