At the Office… Not Necessarily at Work

Today was our first busy day in Mid City. We had a handful of new patients and returns to fill the gaps. With no dictation, however, I was largely unoccupied today, dormant among my bustling coworkers. I did do some work but I wasn’t busy for long.Dad and I left the office sometime after six, probably close to seven. I had dad drop me off downtown at the Sheraton. This evening I met Theresa for dinner, she picked me up not too long after seven.Theresa is a friend of mine from high school although I had not spoken with her in over a year until recently. After she picked me up, we went to Port of Call on Esplanade. The place was too crowded to be worth dealing with so we went to the Palace Caf� instead. There was a 20 minute wait there but they have a bar to wait at so it isn’t painful. The restaurant was as loud as I’ve ever heard it, not particularly conducive to conversation, but we managed to talk about school and goings-on of the last year without too much trouble. I had the andouille crusted fish, again, as I wasn’t in a steak mood. Theresa had a chicken dish. After dinner we walked across Canal Street to the Pelican Bar and spoke for a while before she gave me a ride home.

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