The Rest of Last Week and Today

Same old same old, I ignored the log for another week. It may have been worth posting as I had my second sessions for three of my classes. With the exception of the architecture class I spoke of in the last post, all my classes are fine so far. Taking two history classes in the same term may turn out to be more difficult than I’d like. Although the ‘cold war history’ class should be OK, Colonial History of Louisiana has a lot of information to it, from what I can tell based on the marathon three hour lecture this week. I worked every day last week and managed to stay busy enough.This weekend was decidedly uneventful, the high points being disassembling my iRiver player again, and ordering a new set of computer speakers.Today, Monday, I went to work at both the Mid City and Metairie offices, arriving at the former just after ten. I had a tape full of dictation to work on which I did, albeit slowly over the course of the day. Shortly after arriving in Metairie at about one, I walked over to Nacho Mama’s to get some lunch. They told me this was their last day at their current location. They’re moving up the street to Powers for more space. It’s a shame for me as the only other place in walking distance is Taco Bell.Dad took me to Tulane at about five. Tonight I had IT Ethics, a class I scheduled after dropping New Orleans Architecture. The class was OK. The teacher wasn’t pretentious which could make this sort of class rather painful.

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