The Post that Shouldn’t Have Been

Although plenty of things have happened in the last week or so, including the Thanksgiving holiday, I’ve been too preoccupied to update the log� definitely a rare occurrence as things are nearly always resembling tedium. Thanksgiving was rather pleasant this year. Aunt Lauren and Arien came to visit from Florida for a couple days. We also had a neighbor over for dinner. His family was out of town so we invited him to dine with us. I had not met him before but he seems like a pretty decent guy. He is currently in the Air force. The food was great this year, as always. Having not had to cook made it taste even better. That evening, Dad, myself and ‘the kids’ went to see Casino Royale. It was a pretty decent movie. I wouldn’t argue the claim that it is the best Bond movie ever. That Friday, everyone including myself volunteered with the St. Bernard Project. It’s a ‘grassroots organization’ that is rebuilding houses in St. Bernard parish. We drove out to their office in Chalmette where we met the other people that were helping that day. I believe they were nearly all Loyola students and their parents. We went to a house that was already gutted and electrically wired. We spend the day hanging drywall. I don’t believe many of the volunteers had done it before. I know I didn’t. One of the regulars there gave us a lesson on the work involved. It doesn’t seem complicated although long term experience would certainly help. Most of the people there found a singular task to help out. I spent nearly all the day with a drill and drywall screws in hand. We left around 5:30 as the sun went down. There wasn’t any light after dark. Later that evening, Dad, Aunt Lauren and myself went to the Maple Leaf Bar to see Bonerama. They’re a pretty entertaining brass band, although unlike other such groups. It was a pretty enjoyable evening, although I was also ready tired from the day before. This semester is drawing to a close. Final projects and exams were topics of discussion in my classes last week. I didn’t post this week because of a couple papers hanging over my head. One was just an essay for TV class. The other was a research paper for my history of radio class. While the TV paper was a simple laundry list in sentence form, the radio paper was pretty open-ended. My topic was the “Limbaugh effect,” discussing exactly what impact Rush Limbaugh is having on American politics. I had one book which actually explores the matter, unfortunately that was the only one I was able to locate. So in the end I was unable to make any definite conclusion on my topic. That Tuesday, we had a little project in architecture class. It’s basically an abstract map from construction paper. We got some of it done in class but had to finish it at home. We discussed them on Thursday. Last weekend I went to the Saints game versus the 49ers with Dad. We had some pretty decent seats in the club level. The Saints played well against an admittedly dismal team. Both Reggie Bush and Deuce McAlister played great today. Bush had four touchdowns and Deuce rushed for over 170 yards. The final score was 34-10. After work on Monday, Dad dropped me off at the Basin St. Station near the quarter. There was a bit of a field trip in radio class to the home of American Routes, a radio show my professor works for. Only myself and two other students showed up. The professor showed us around the small facility and familiarized us with the production of the show. I found it fascinating that a two hour radio program could be produced within just a little bit of office space. After a bad experience on eBay, I bought another Antec P180 on Newegg. It’s a computer case designed for quiet. Over the past couple of months I’ve been making little upgrades to my computer to try and cut down on the noise, but they didn’t help as much as I’d like. This new case delivered in spades, however. My PC is nearly silent now. Although I’ve been pretty busy in the last couple weeks, I did manage to see a couple movies: The Proposition, Witness, Modern Times, Hulk and The Da Vinci Code.

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