Winding Down

With all but one exam in school to go, this semester is drawing to a close. I had my architecture exam last Thursday. I probably didn’t do especially well as I did not look over the ‘case studies,’ handouts from three classes devoted to a single building. This evening, Monday, I had my history of radio final. It was pretty easy thanks to the study guide we got last week. I’m not sure what grade I’ll be getting in this class. I missed an assignment or two, got a C on the mid-term and I have a feeling the professor is not going to like my research paper. I know I did well on the final exam though, so that’s something. Today, I did not go to work but went to Tulane early instead. There is one last assignment for architecture class. Students were instructed to attend a theses review and write an essay on it. Senior architecture students design some elaborate project and then present their case to a panel of professors. I saw a few of these although I decided to go with the first one which was about accommodating neo-nomads. The concept is intriguing although the presentation itself left a bit to be desired. At the risk of sounding cruel, I did not see one presentation done by somebody that appeared to have an semblance of public speaking skills, which is somewhat odd because students are required to take a course of the subject to graduate from Tulane. To be fair, however, these kids are obviously under a great deal of pressure and have good reason to be nervous about how the instructors will react to their ideas. I understand some reviews are downright vicious events. I can’t end this post without a word about the amazing Saints game yesterday. The bless you boys pounced the Cowgirls for a final score of 42-17. The game was over by the third quarter. I don’t mind saying I was completely shocked to see them play so well against the lauded Dallas team. It’s always nice to see the home team lay down an ass-whooping on national television.

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