900th Post – Week of October 30

I worked every day except Wednesday this week. Although I probably wouldn’t have worked that day anyway, I stayed home to wait for a FedEx shipment. I had a couple of tests for classes this week. The History of Radio class mid term was this Monday. I finished first, likely because my essay questions were sparse compared to my classmates. After the Ogden field trip, we had a take-home test in architecture, which I suppose was the mid term. It was the second test this semester. There were two ‘case studys’ in classes this week. Professor Barron spent an entire class on a building: Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier on Tuesday and the Town Hall at Saynatsalo by Alvar Aalto on Thursday. Both structures are interesting, although Villa Savoye is particularly fascinating as it looks like a post-modern home even though it’s 80 years old. This Thursday’s TV class was about television networks. I worked on Friday afternoon and was home in the evening. I didn’t watch many movies this week, as most of the time I reserve for that was spent watching Cowboy Bebop. I did see March of the Penguins, which was surprisingly fascinating, both by the subject matter and the fact that the filmmakers spent a year in Antarctica to shoot it.

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