Just Another Catch-Up Post

As it’s been quite some time since I posted here daily, I should probably think about altering the name of this log. I originally figured I’d have more to talk about being back in school, but college is back to being routine and I seldom find it worth posting about. I see I haven’t posted much of anything this month, leaving about two weeks to cover. Life has pretty much been par for the course lately with few exceptions. There was the election last Tuesday which was a big deal. I voted but it looks like Congressman Jefferson is going to be reelected anyway. On the national level, I don’t mind saying I was disappointed with the outcome. I was downright bummed Tuesday night. It didn’t take long to feel better because it’s “show me something” time for the democrats and I doubt they’ll deliver. I think a lot of liberals were elected on the premise that they’d get us out of Iraq and that sure as hell ain’t happening any time soon. I’ve been going to work regularly with perhaps two exceptions since the last post. I worked at the west bank several days the past days. Patient flow has been light lately which hasn’t left me with all that much transcription to do. My classes are going fine. Last Tuesday’s was a ‘case study’ of the horrendous Portland Public Service Building. Last Thursday’s class was cancelled which sucked because I was on campus early so I basically blew a whole day just to be at Tulane for my evening class. This Tuesday’s class featured a video of the Millau Viaduct, a strikingly impressive bridge in France. In today’s class, the professor showed a documentary called The End of Suburbia. I didn’t find the much of the movie reflected the title however. I t was pretty much an hour of fear-mongering about the end of oil. After no class the Monday before last, the class gave presentations in ‘History of Radio.’ I spoke about the fairness doctrine, a dead FCC regulation. I think I did ok on it, I was expecting to fall apart mid way through because I didn’t have as a firm a grasp on the material as I would have liked. I finished watching Cowboy Bebop this week, which was a shame as it’s such a great show. I lauded it in a bit more detail in a previous post. I’m gonna wait a while before seeing the movie though. As I have been spending a lot of time watching this show I haven’t seen many movies in the last couple weeks. I ordered a number of computer parts this week in an effort to quiet down my desktop PC. I ordered an Antec P180 case, a new 500 watt Seasonic power supply, a new chipset heatsink and new Yate Loon fans. When I have all this stuff in hand I’ll have a few hours of ‘fun’ rebuilding my computer. I really do enjoy such work, although it often is a pain in the ass. As it’s an expensive hobby, I don’t do it often.

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