Walking Tour Continued

Dad dropped my off on campus at 12:15 this afternoon for my architecture class. We met in front of McAlister auditorium where Professor Barron continued his walking tour of the campus. We walked around the Newcomb College buildings. There was a lot to talk about, although there wasn’t as much history in these newer buildings as opposed to the ones off St. Charles Avenue. After class I walked over to the new Bruno’s for some lunch. I ordered a shrimp po-boy which was decent. The new bar and restaurant is kind of nice but you can’t buy character. After lunch I walked back to the library, where I remained for a good while before I had to go to Norman Mayer for my evening class. My ‘first’ session of Art and Craft of Television was this evening. Tonight’s class was mainly about what the class will be about and some basics about TV, none of which were exactly news. This class seems like it should be enjoyable, although it seems the professor has a more than desirable degree of affection for network television, which largely sucks. Later on after class, Mom picked me up in front of the library. She was nearby at an open house for Andrew’s school. She took me to Superior Grill where Dad, Andrew, my co-worker Bianca and her family were this evening. Dad treated her and our families to dinner this evening for her birthday. Mom and I got there at about 8:45 after everyone else had been there a while. I’d met Bianca’s husband and two daughters previously, but I met her step-children, Brianee and Trey for the first time this evening. It didn’t take long for the affair to become waiting to leave. I know I wasn’t alone there. I got home at about 10:30. I can’t remember what if anything I late that evening.

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