Last First Class

It was rainy today as it has been somewhat frequently of late. I went to work with Dad this morning for 11:45. I still had some reports waiting from nearly two weeks ago that I continued work on. I was only there until about 2:30 when Dad took me to Tulane for my class this evening. He wanted to get that out of the way before the rush of patient’s later this evening. Going to class after work probably wouldn’t be a big deal any other day but we’re open a bit late on Mondays. Not long after I got settled in the library, Mom called and asked me to walk over to Andrew’s school and walk with him back to the library or somewhere so she would not have to leave work and get him. I did so and came back to the library. Not long after five I walked over to the Newcomb building where my class was this evening. I signed up for Introduction to Visual Basic, not for any good reason. Including myself there were five students in the class. That and a few other things turned me off and I decided I’d be dropping this class. The instructor did not have a syllabus yet so the class didn’t last long, only the most basic information was discussed. Class was dismissed at 6:10. I walked over to Jones Hall where another Monday night class I was previously interested in was being held, History of Radio. This class is actually part of my major. The class was already over but I saw a syllabus on a desk and had a look at it. The professor of the class walked into the room not long after and introduced himself and spoke with me briefly about the class. Since I was finished so early I was able to get a ride home with Dad. I caught a shuttle downtown and he met me in front of the Tidewater Building. I think we had chicken for dinner this evening but I can’t quite remember. Later that night, I watched Sanjuro.

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