New TV

I went to work with dad this afternoon, for the first time in a little while maybe a week. On the way we stopped at the post office to pick up the new HDTV I ordered. It came in the mail yesterday but nobody was home. We stopped at the west bank office for a little while to drop some things off. We then went uptown to pick up Andrew from school who was getting out an hour early today. On the way Dad stopped at Rite-Aid for some things. I walked over to Rally’s for some lunch while he was in there. After picking up Andrew, we drove over to the Metairie office and arrived sometime around three. I worked for about two and a half hours on some dictation I’ve had on hand for several days. Doc was at the office today because we were closed for Labor Day. I spent the evening setting up and generally enjoying my new TV, a Philips 26PF5321D/37, a 26″ LCD HDTV. I bought this to replace the 13″ TV/VCR combo I bought when I was in high school. I’d seen this model in Wal-Mart and Best Buy and recently got one on eBay. The short of it is that I really like this TV. It may end up being one of my only buyers-remorse-free purchases, especially since I got such a good deal on it. That evening I watched Serenity on it.

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