Week of July 24

I decided to wait and just do another weekly post. Again, not too much going on this week. I worked Monday through Friday. I didn’t work on as many reports as I usually do in a week. During the lat few days I watched The Battle of Algiers and Firewall. The only event of remote circumstance this week was another toy. The Gamepark Holdings GP2X, an open-source, Linux powered hand-held gaming device. After a little bit of research and a lot of forum lurking, I finally decided to get one. The main appeal is that it runs emulators for several older console systems and handhelds like the Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, Game Gear and several more. It also plays MP3s and DivX videos. SD Cards are the main storage medium, which is appealing as they’re rather ubiquitous. During the last few days I’ve spent a lot of time fooling with it, learning how it works and enjoying some old SNES games on it. So, yeah it’s really cool, perhaps my best gadget buy yet.

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