Back to School and Labor Day Weekend

After having the summer off, I had my first class of the fall semester this past Thursday. Although I’m not sure I’m going to keep it, I’m currently signed up for an elective class, Introduction of Architecture for Non-Majors. I’ve always had a casual interest in the subject and from what I was able to tell of the professor’s description, it fits the bill nicely. The class is taught by Errol Barron, whose work includes the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. I arrived at he first session of the class early. The only other person in the room was Vi Le, a classmate from Karr who I didn’t immediately recognize. The class seems crowded enough with twenty-something students. As I said earlier most of the class time was spend detailing what the class is about, although the professor also spoke at length about the history of the city of New Orleans as it relates to city planning. After class I waited for a few hours in the library for my evening class, Art and Craft of Television. The professor didn’t show up this evening. Someone stopped by to pass out the syllabus and let us know there was no class tonight. I was more than slightly pissed when I looked at the syllabus and found it stated there would be no class, meaning this was no sudden incident and the teacher deprived us the courtesy of an e-mail or something. Since there was no immediate opportunity for a ride some I got on an RTA bus to go downtown. When I got to Canal St. I waited a while for the Gen. De Gaulle bus but I got impatient and got a cab the rest of the way home. The driver was a civil engineering student himself who just got out of a class himself. I didn’t work this weekend, I remember that much. I also remember wasting a lot of time that could have been better spent doing something. The only non-event of circumstance was a problem with my car, it wouldn’t turn over. On Sunday, Dad discovered the starter was sticking after we replaced the ignition module with no effect. Simply tapping on it gets the car started but apparently you have to do it every time. That being the case I’m going to have to have it repaired or replaced.

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