Week of July 17th

For another week I just haven’t gotten around to posting, but again, not much has been going on anyway. I worked everyday this week but not that many hours. Jeff worked with us a few days this week. The only unusual occurrence at work I can think of is that the strip mall across the street, which has been vacant since the storm, was demolished this week. I watched a few movies this week including The Constant Gardener, Talk to Her, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (800th movie I've seen), A History of Violence and Blues Brothers 2000, which was so incredibly bad I wasn’t up to finishing it. It’s going on my list though because I think the pain and suffering I endured entitles me. This Saturday, the whole family including myself went to Mississippi for a birthday party of a distant relative, Dolores, my grandmother’s sister’s daughter, on my Dad’s side. We left at about two in the afternoon and it took about two hours to get there. It was raining a good portion of the way there. The party was at some restaurant. The guest of honor was 75 and the nature of the party reflected that. There was good food and an open bar though, so I couldn’t complain. We were there from about four until six-something. That evening, I watched Coach Carter. Not long after church on Sunday, Arien came by. She’s been in town this past week to see a friend. Mom, Dad, Arien and Myself went to Lakeside Mall. I didn’t need anything but I was in the mood to spend some money so I rode along. I ended up buying a Nintendo DS Lite on impulse as the system is only $130. I also got a copy of Brain Age, which I was previously interested in, and New Super Mario Brothers, just because. I wasn’t impressed with the pictures of the DS Lite I saw online but I was thoroughly impressed when I got it in hand. It’s a lovely piece of hardware, reminiscing of the Wii controller probably not a coincidence. Brain Age is surprisingly fun, even though it’s not really a game, and even though it makes me feel stupid. Later this evening, I watched Once Upon a Time in the West.

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