Savannah, GA

We left the hotel sometime after 11 this morning to drive to Savannah, Georgia. It was about a two and a half hour trip. We stopped for lunch about a half hour from our destination as Lauren was getting hungry and Arien and I certainly didn’t mind. We stopped in a town called Hardeevil at a Mexican restaurant called MI Tierrita. The dcor left a lot to be desired but the food was alright. I got steak fajitas. After we got to the hotel in Savannah, Lauren and Arien took a nap. I ran a load of laundry and went to the lounge to type yesterday’s log post. Later on after the laundry was done, we drove to Savannah’s historic district basically to walk around to see what was there. We parked near the river and walked down a few blocks of River Street. We then walked away from the river. We didn’t see much in particular. We eventually stopped for dinner at a Churchill’s Pub and Restaurant. It’s a beautifully decorated, British owned/operated establishment that serves English and American food. Generally speaking it’s just a really cool place. I had the fettuccini alfredo. After dinner, we walked around the historic district some more. We stopped in a few shops, although a good number of establishments had already closed for the day. We went back to the hotel sometime after seven. Arien and I went down to the pool for a while after we got there. Later this evening I was on the computer for a while. I typed this entry and listened to Rush’s show, which I missed earlier today.

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