Folly Beach

We all got up at a decent hour this morning to go to the beach. We drove down to the nearest one, Folly Beach in south Charleston. We got a good parking spot just by a public access path. It’s a nice beach and it wasn’t very crowded today. Beaches are pretty new to me so I was surprised how warm the water was, even with the education on hurricanes I received in the last year. We stayed at the beach for a couple hours and then went back to the hotel. We went out again some time around three or four this afternoon. We went to walk around downtown Charleston for a while and get some dinner. We also planned to tour an old jail this evening. Not long after we parked, we walked by a restaurant and decided to go ahead and eat. We dined at a barbeque place called Sticky Fingers. I had a half rack of ribs, which were pretty good. The meat fell off the bone and I was able to eat it with a fork so I didn’t have to make a mess of myself. Although if I had, there was a towel wrapped around the utensils I could have made more use of. The ribs were good but not quite as good as what can be had the Blues City Cafe in Memphis, which serves the best ribs I’ve ever had. After dinner we walked around downtown for a good while through their “French Quarter.” We stopped in some shops and went through a marketplace that strongly resembles the French Market in New Orleans. This evening at seven we went on a tour of the old city jail. The jail has historical significance in relation to the city of Charleston and the Civil War. The building is currently being renovated and is being turned into a school of art. That being the case, the rooms were all empty but there were some interesting stories. After the tour we drove a little ways closer to the river and then walked to the riverfront and went to find a place to get a drink. We sat in the bar of the Fleet Landing Restaurant for a while. We got a couple drinks and left after about an hour or so to walk back to the car and go back to the hotel for the night. Late that evening I did some laundry and watched a couple 24 episodes before bed.

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