Tybee Island

We left the hotel this morning when a Gray Line shuttle bus picked us up. We toured Savannah on these open trolley buses that are rather ubiquitous in the historic district of Savannah. The trolley weaves through the streets while the driver tells the passengers about the historic significance of the buildings. The trolleys have over a dozen stops where tourists can get off when they seem something interesting and later get on another trolley and continue the guided tour. We stayed on a trolley for a full run to see everything and to decide what we wanted to get off for later. The original city was centered around six town squares, small parks, all of which we saw during the tour. They’re all names after significant, usually local historical figures. Most of them have monuments in the middle. Our tour guided imparted a great deal of information during the ride. I think he only stopped to breathe maybe six times during the 90 minute excursion. While I found the information interesting at the time, I doubt I still remember most of it. The trolley returned to the station after the tour finished. We got on another trolley and rode it briefly to the “B stop.” We got off there to go eat lunch. We walked a few blocks to Mrs. Wilke's Dining Room, an old institution in Savannah. There was a line of people waiting to get in, although we were lucky in that the line got a lot longer shortly after we arrived. I think we waited about a half hour, it was worth it though. Unlike every other dining establishment I’ve ever been to, the food is already on the table when you sit down. Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room has a handful of communal dining tables inside. Patrons enter in groups and sit at a table with several home cooking style dishes waiting. It’s just like eating at grandma’s, except there even more food, more people, and you don’t know them. All the food was excellent. The fried chicken was the best I’ve ever had juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside and not greasy, no easy feat. After lunch, we walked downtown a bit more. We ended up at one of the trolley stops. We had one of their shuttle buses take us back to the hotel. It was the same driver that took us downtown. After getting back to the hotel and composing ourselves, we drove down to Tybee Island, the nearest beach outside of Savannah. There was easy access and it wasn’t very crowded, either with people or nearby buildings. Overall it was a nice beach. We were there for a couple hours. Later that evening at the hotel, I watched a couple 24 episodes before bed.

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