Charleston, SC

We packed up and left the hotel this morning sometime around 11 this morning. Before heading out of town, Lauren dropped Arien and I off at the Cape Fear Serpentairum. Arien wanted to see it before we left. It’s basically a small indoor zoo for snakes. They had several on display, mostly the dangerous, venomous variety. We left there after an hour or so and Lauren picked us up and we headed down to South Carolina. Our first stop was Myrtle Beach. We stopped at a pizza place/deli Aunt Lauren picked out earlier in the day called Da Vinci’s Pizza. We ordered a pizza with meats and vegetables that was pretty good. After we left there we stopped at an “Art in the Park” event that we saw going on nearby the restaurant. There were a good number of artists displaying their wares in the small, tree shaded park. There were paintings and photographs and other assorted artwork. The only vendor I really talked to was this guy who makes cypress beach chairs, which were quite nice. We were all at the park for a little under an hour. We left the park and walked a couple blocks to the beach just to see it. It was a bit crowded and lined by high rise hotels. After we left the beach we got back on the road. I think it was about four o’clock when we made it to our final destination for the day, a Holiday Inn in Charleston, South Carolina. After we all got settled in we went to the pool for a little while. We had plans to go on some sort of tour this evening but I think we were a little late getting ready to go to dinner so we put that off until tomorrow. Lauren picked out a restaurant downtown on Pickney St. but decided against eating there when we arrived. We walked down East Bay Street which seems to be a focal point of the night life here. We decided on Pearlz Oyster Bar, a dim and somewhat upscale bar/restaurant. It was a nice place though. I got a fried shrimp plate which was good and well portioned. After dinner we just went back up to the hotel. That evening I watched a couple 24 episodes before bed.

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