Wilmington, NC

After leaving the hotel this morning, we headed down to the town of Wilmington. On the way we took a wrong turn and ended up in a place called Kingston. We had lunch there at a place called Kings BBQ. There were a lot of cars there but it wasn’t great. We arrived in Wilmington and the hotel sometime this afternoon. We stayed around the hotel for a while before leaving a few hours later to go to dinner. We ate in downtown Wilmington at a place called The Reel Caf. It was a very decent restaurant but not crowded. I had a fried fish plate. After dinner we walked along the Cape Fear River a bit and stopped in a couple shops and a gallery. This evening, we all went to a play at Thalian Hall, or more precisely, two separate one-act, monologue plays. The first was called Chug, in which this guy discussed how me met a woman and they eventually decided to raise bullfrogs. I don’t really feel like explaining it beyond that. The next, much longer play was called Blown Sideways Through Life is a monologue about a woman in Brooklyn who discusses the many jobs she’s had including artist's model, receptionist at a whorehouse, waitress and proofreader. It was an amusing and enjoyable performance. I can’t help but respect anyone who can go on talking by themselves for over an hour, especially after recalling how parched my mouth was after my short presentations in speech class last semester. We came back to the hotel after that. I caught up on this log and watched some 24 before bed.

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