Dad and I got to the office rather late this afternoon as he had an errand to run this afternoon. Aunt Lauren’s house was sold not too long ago and dad had to stop by an attorney’s office uptown on Maple Street so sign some papers for the closing. We arrived a bit early. Since he wasn’t sure how long it was going to take, I decided to go somewhere nearby rather than wait in the office. I went a few doors down to Fresco and got a drink and some appetizer with spinach in it I think. They were done about twenty minutes past noon and we then went to the office. While we were at the office I transcribed some dictation and did a little more work in the back room, getting it cleaned up so it can be used soon. We left the office around five. By this time Dad learned he had to go back to the attorney’s office to sign one more things, and we did. We also stopped at the grocery store on the way home to get something for dinner. We left with a few frozen seafood items. The evening was rather quiet. I was on the computer for the better part of the evening. I watched Bush’s State of the Union speech and talked to Khadijah on the phone for a while later in the evening.

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