Back to Psychology Class

I didn’t go to work today because Dad had to meet with someone from the SBA. He had to assess damage to Dad’s business. He and Don met the guy at the location of the Mid-City office. Basically I sat in the car the whole time and listened to the radio. Afterward, Dad went to pickup Andrew. Dad dropped me off on Maple Street so I could find a place to eat. I went to the Babylon Caf again and got a gyro, again this time on a pita as they were out of fresh bread. I went to the library for a while after lunch. I was there for almost an hour. I had a week of log entries to catch up on and I did that while I was there. I saw Andrey shortly before I left. He was there to study. I walked to Richardson at quarter after for my psychology class this evening. This evening’s session was essentially a basic overview about how nerves relay information neurons, axons, etc. Even though the subject matter was on a rather basic level, this took the entire class period. We were released at about 5:40 and I walked across the quad to Norman Mayer for the second class of the evening. The actual professor of the consumer behavior class, Katheryn Gates, was in attendance this evening. We had a substitute teacher for the first two classes. The professor spent some time talking about herself. Among other things, she mentioned she had some recent surgeries and said she’s been teaching this class for about 20 years. I don’t really remember the lecture and I didn’t take any notes. I believe it was mostly an overview of what was discussed the last two weeks. Class was dismissed at about 7:30, so I just missed a shuttle headed downtown. Since the next one wasn’t passing until 8:20, I decided to seen what was going on in Fogelman. Tulane’s men’s basketball team was playing SMU this evening. I got there just before half time. The score was 34-20 or something like that, they had a comfortable lead. From what I did see of the action, Tulane looked pretty decent, although their defense appeared better than the offense in my opinion. I had to leave about five minutes into the second half. When I got downtown, Dad was already waiting for me in front of the Tidewater building. We listened to the rest of the game on the way home. SMU chipped away at the lead as the game drew to a close, but Tulane managed to hang on and win by three.

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