First Speeches

This is another later entry. I think I was at the office from noon to about five this afternoon. Doc had a late new patient. Dad got me to class this evening with about ten minutes to spare. Class started ‘late’ at six this evening as Professor Hanemann was late to arrive. He acknowledged that he won’t be able to arrive on time at 5:45 so he changed the start time to six. He started the class by having everyone do an short, impromptu speech on some off-the-wall subject written on an index card. I kinda made an ass of myself, I’ll leave it at that. After lecturing for a while, some students gave their prepared speeches on a personal experience. Only half of the students gave their speech tonight. The rest, including myself, will go next week. Dad was waiting to pick me up after class. I know he worked late but he must have been waiting for quite some time. After I got home I got some dinner, white beans, and watched 24 with the family. I don’t remember what I did later that evening, probably nothing.

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