Persuasive Public Speaking

I don’t really remember what happened before my class this evening, but it probably involved me sitting with my laptop for a while in the Library. This evening I went to the first session of Persuasive Public Speaking, a required class a Tulane. The professor spoke for a good while about the class, what it entails and how he goes about teaching it. He spent a lot of time trying to put the class at ease, as speaking in front of an audience is a real big deal to some people. Later, each student had to get in front of the class briefly and introduce themselves. There are about 20 students in the class so this took a bit. The professor spoke briefly again before dismissing the class shortly before eight. The next shuttle downtown didn’t leave until 8:20 so I decided to peek into the first College Republicans meeting of the semester. I left with enough time to get back to Freret and McAlister. I stopped to get a Coke on the way. Unfortunately, I ended up missing the bus my just a few seconds, it passed five minutes early. I ended up waiting about a half hour for the next one in front of the Reily Center. I walked to the Sheraton when I got downtown and waited for a bit until Dad picked me up. I got home not long before ten.

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