First Patient in Metairie

I went with Dad to the Metairie office at about 11 this morning. On the way, Dad stopped at McDonalds so I could get some lunch. I spent most of the early afternoon sorting through things in the back room, where a good deal of stuff from the Metairie office is being stored. I had to go through a lot of various papers, a lot of which is trash. Dad met with an architect at one to discuss a future office on Carrolton. Doc arrived sometime around two. The clinic, which isn’t quite open yet, saw its first patient today. Dad and I left around three. Dad made a couple stops downtown to a couple attorney’s offices before we made it all the way home, over an hour after leaving the office. I made pizza and pasta salad for dinner and watch a new episode of Boston Legal this evening. I watched Adult Swim for about an hour before bed.

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