Saturday and Sunday kind of blurred together, as my weekends often do, since both days usually have an equal amount of inactivity. The only event of circumstance on Saturday was repairing my ‘new’ flip clock, again. Friction on the alarm dial was still a problem and my previous attempts made no significant improvement. The last two times, I just lubricated the alarm dial to try and prevent it from moving and subsequently changing the alarm time. On Saturday, however, I did some more serious disassembly and removed to the alarm dial to reveal a broken part. I’m not sure how to describe it, but a spring loaded ‘tooth’ catches indentations in the dial and holds it in place unless the setting is being changed. The spring was out of place, apparently from a previous operation on the clock made by someone else. My best guess is that it was screwed up when someone replaced the small bulb that illuminates the dial, which is incredibly dim as the inside of the bulb looks to be largely coated with a black paint. Anyway, after a good deal of fiddling, I was able to get the ‘tooth’ back on the spring and fixed the problem. The spring was bent out of shape though and I had to idea how it was supposed to look having never examined a perfect specimen of this clock. I had to just force the spring into a position that worked. On Sunday night, Dad and I went to see Paul Varisco and the Milestones at the Rock ‘n Bowl in Mid City. After the hurricane, I wouldn’t have expected to see the cover band again. They’ve been around since 1960. It was a pretty decent show, and it was just nice to see the band together again after the storm even though I have no particular emotional attachment to them. It's always nice to see some pre-Katrina fixture of New Orleans in operation again.

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