One Class

Before leaving the house today, I started spaghetti for dinner to be slow cooked. I also did a little bit of work at the house. Before Dad dropped me off this afternoon, he picked up Andrew at school. After I got dropped off, I went to the bookstore to have a look at the texts for the my classes this term. I didn’t buy any, as they’re all pretty expensive, I’m not sure they’ll be necessary and I didn’t really have the money at the moment anyway. After leaving the bookstore I decided to find a place to get some lunch. I know there are some places on Maple Street to I walked down there and ended up in the first place I saw that was open, Babylon Caf, a little middle-eastern restaurant. I got a gyro on bread, a sandwich with lamb and beef. It was pretty good, although surprisingly messy to eat. After lunch I went to the library for a pretty good while and remained there until after 5:30. There was no psychology class today because the professor is out of town. There were a lot less people in this week’s Consumer Behavior session. I’m sure a lot of people were turned off by the permanent instructor being gone for the first few weeks. This week’s session was about the many facets of culture materialism, the value of work, tradition vs. change, etcetera, etcetera. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the discussion was sufficient tied to the subject matter of the class maybe next week. Ms. Ogden said our permanent teacher would be starting next week. On the way to the shuttle stop, I stopped in PJ’s and got a Coke and a brownie. I caught the 8:20 shuttle downtown. Instead of enjoying my Coke and music as I usually do on these rides, I spoke with a young lady named Olivia, who I believe is a member of the Newcomb Senate. She told me about a rally to save Newcomb college that will take place on Friday and about the circumstances surrounding the dissolving of Newcomb and Tulane Colleges. While getting rid of the Engineering program at Tulane makes some sense on paper, getting rid of Newcomb seems pretty pointless as Olivia described it to me. I walked to the Sheraton after being dropped off on Canal St. Dad picked me up not long after. When I got home I got myself some dinner. I had the spaghetti I made earlier and ate in the living room while the family was watching Lost. I watched a little TV later in the evening and got to bed at a decent hour.

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