Two Down

I got up a little earlier than usual this morning so I wouldn’t have to worry about rushing to CAB for my Economics exam. Before the test started, Professor Rob Blackstock offered the class one bonus point if the tests and answer sheets were in perfect piles on a table after everyone finished, bugt stipulated that one person could screw it up for everybody. The test itself was shorter and easier than I was expecting. There were only 34 questions and a sheet for bonus questions. I went to Tolliver Hall after I was finished to sit around for a little while. The power went for a few minutes while I was there. With all the natural light in the building, I only noticed the outage because my laptop screen dimmed. I left Tolliver shortly before noon and walked to the Dawg House for lunch. There was a pretty healthy crowd there. In the past I’ve gone right after they open, before many people show up. I had the roast beef sandwich, which was fine. It was raining when I left. I waited for a minute or two and the rain stopped and there were blue skies immediately overhead. I walked back to Tolliver and remained there until I had to go to my two o’clock class. The exam in Professor Cathy Martin’s Sociology class was about 50 questions and didn’t take me long. I didn’t study so there were some finer points I wasn’t entirely sure of. Even so, I think a man off the street with just a healthy amount of common sense could have passed it. I walked back to my dorm after the test. By this time it was completely overcast outside and getting darker. It rained heavily and briefly while I was in my room. I returned my dad’s phone call after I got back. He said there was a chance I’d have a ride back to New Orleans with Dr. Stephenson and his brother although the timing might be a problem. There was no final exam in history class this evening, just the last lecture which covered the end of the cold war and the ‘new right.’ Shortly after the class, there was a review session for the exam, in which the professor went over all the points that will be on Thursday’s exam. The final will cover events between World War II and the end of the Cold War nothing terribly difficult. I almost regretted giving up the 30 minutes of my life for the review. I had dinner in the cafeteria afterward, at about quarter to seven. I walked back to my room when I finished. By this time it was uncomfortably cold outside quite a change from the rather mild weather this morning. I did a load a laundry this evening, watched some TV and didn’t study for my French exam tomorrow.

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