French Exam

It was quite cold this morning, 45 degrees. We had our final exam in this morning’s French class. The better part of the exam was filling in various blanks with words and particular forms of words. I’d like to say I did well on the exam but I’m not a liar. I went to Tolliver Hall afterward. I sat around until shortly after one and the got some lunch and returned to my sofa. Not too long after that, Bianca spotted me and sat down for a good while and did some homework. A friend of hers joined us a while later. Kasey from history class also came by to look at the outline from yesterday’s review session. I called dad, who said I had a ride back to New Orleans on Friday with Doc Stephenson and his brother. Bianca left sometime before five. John walked by sometime around seven and sat down. We talked for a while before he went back to the room around eight. I didn’t leave Tolliver until shortly before ten. I had been sitting around for hours waiting to be hungry enough for dinner, but that time didn’t come until after the cafeteria closed. I got some dinner in Tolliver before going home for the evening. Aside from tweaking the color schemes on my website, I didn’t really do anything.

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