Finals Week

There was a listening comprehension exam in French class this morning. This was my first test of final’s week. I don’t think I did spectacular but I’m not worried about passing. After the test, Prefessor De Mattos reviewed a few things before excusing the class at quarter to noon. After class I walked over to the housing office to speak with Anthony Jackson, a student coordinator. I needed to know if I would be able to leave my belongings in my room over the break as I won’t be able to carry most of them with me. He said it wouldn’t be a problem for me to leave my stuff and retrieve it when me and my parent’s drive back from Atlanta after Thanksgiving. Coincidentally, Anthony’s father in in charge of the residence halls at Tulane University he must be one busy man. I went to Tolliver Hall after that, where I remained for quite a while. I wasn’t especially hungry, not enough to wait in the lunch-hour lines, so I found a comfortable chair and remained there for a while. I got something to eat around one and then went back to my chair. I spent the afternoon working on my website. I added 22 desktops to the Vaio wallpaper page and made a number of other small changes. I spoke with Kristian this afternoon online about a possible web project for a Quake 2 railwarz clan migrating to Quake 4. I remained in Tolliver Hall until shortly before seven. I think I went to the cafeteria for dinner. At eight o’clock, I went to a concert at Howard Auditorium which was put on by a music-related fraternity. I can’t remember the name of it. They performed a number of musical selections from video games, most notably Super Mario World. There were about ten musicians who played xylophones, drums, horns and pianos. I recognized a couple of the members from the Jazz concert last Friday. Apparently most of them are in one Tech band or another. While most of the musicians were not quite prodigies, it was still a very enjoyable show. The Mario stuff was a big hit with the crowd of 50 or so, which was a pretty good turnout considering the only advertisement for the performance was a handful of posted flyers. The event wasn’t on the school’s website’s calendar and there were no mass emails. John and I went back to the dorm after the show. I spent the evening not studying for my exams tomorrow. I got some feedback on my website update on a few forums. One person said Safari wasn’t rendering my website properly. Joe, the Cottingham RA, lent me his Powerbook so I could check on it, my site renders fine in Safari, looks just like Firefox.

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