The Kennel

Today’s French class covered a few new words can’t quite remember all of it. I took a peek at the galleries in the art building on the way back to my dorm. I remained there until about half past six. I went to ‘the kennel’ this evening, a recreation area under the bookstore with pool tables and bowling alleys. It was open to the public for free this evening as a Union Board event. It was nice and crowded. I got some free pizza and coke. Darren was there. We eventually played a game of pool with some other folks from Cottingham. I left there sometime after eight and went to Tolliver for a while. John saw me around nine o’clock. He said he was going to Wal-Mart to get a couple things. I wasn’t busy and I forgot a couple things myself so I tagged along. John just needed some food items. I bought an ink cartridge for my printer, which was actually priced higher than it is at the campus bookstore. I never got around to doing my sociology homework this evening.

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