Countdown to Finals

I barely made it this morning’s economics class on time this morning, but this was the one day it didn’t matter. Professor Blackstock’s assistant handled the student evaluations before class actually started, a little over five minutes after ten o’clock. Class was rather short, the professor just briefly went over what would be on the cumulative final exam and took a couple questions. He dismissed anyone who wanted to go and tool more questions after that. I didn’t have any myself but I was curious what would be asked by the 30 or so students that remained for an additional fifteen minutes. When the questions ran out, class ended at about 10:30. I walked back to my room to do that sociology homework I brushed off last night. There were some questions on demography that provided the first necessity for me to crack open my textbook since I got it. The chapter in question didn’t look all that organized so I just used Wikipedia to find out what demographic transition is. Not too long after finishing that, I walked back across campus to the Dawg House for lunch. Kasey from history class greeted me shortly after I seated myself. I ordered the same hamburger that I got the first time I went there, only because I didn’t remember how difficult it was to eat without making a mess. After lunch I walked to Tolliver Hall and remained there for over an hour until I had to leave to go to my sociology class. Today’s final lecture session was about population and the environment. Class ended a little earlier than usual at three. I went back to Tolliver afterward to wait with my laptop until this evening’s history class. Tonight’s lecture was about the seventies. Apparently some events actually took place. After class I went to the cafeteria for dinner. I wasn’t really hungry and didn’t eat much. Afterward I went home for the evening.

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