This morning’s economics class was about interest. Among other things, professor Blackstock explained how a person could retire a millionaire by saving a little money each month over one’s entire working life. I went back to my room after class. I had some lunch, listened to Rush and browsed the net for a while. Today’s sociology class was about health and health care just more variations on a theme. I sat it Tolliver for a little while between classes. Today’s history class was about 60’s counter-culture. Christy IM’d me during class and we talked for a little while. She said she’s be returning to New Orleans, which was mildly surprising after our previous conversations. I went to dinner after class. I think I ate by myself but I’m not sure. After dinner I went home for the evening. I talked to Ami online for a while. Even after upgrading her online photo gallery, she was still unable to login to it, which is rather perplexing since it works fine on my computer.

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