Today’s French class was covered clothing and questions. It was a very pleasant session. The class finished with us filing out our student evaluations. Before I went back to my room I went to the lab in GTM to print out some reading assignments. I later did the reading quiz in my room after having something to eat. Shortly after five I went to Tolliver hall for a little while because the internet was down in Cottingham. John bumped into me while I was there and said he was going to Wal-Mart this evening. I had planned to go to a faculty concert but I needed some things. I eventually made it back to my room after getting some dinner in Tolliver Hall. A while after that john and I went to the store. Most of what both of us bought was assorted food items that we could have lived without. I didn’t do anything later this evening aside from watching some TV. The internet was still out in the dormitory.

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