Last Exam

I got up at a decent hour this morning even though I had nowhere to be until four this afternoon. There was a lot of activity in the residence hall with many students leaving today. I packed some things this morning I left my room at about 12:30. I had stir-fry and salad during my last visit to the cafeteria no tears shed there. I went to Tolliver to sit around for a while after lunch. Kasey met me there sometime after 1:30 as we arranged this morning. He wanted to ask me some things about this afternoon’s history exam. Some of his questions were embarrassingly mundane. I left at about 2:30 maybe and went to the bookstore to get a couple boxes to pack some of my things. They were pretty accommodating there, even though the place was kind of busy. With a couple sturdy boxes in hand, I walked back to my room and did a little more packing. I left my room at about 3:30 and headed over to Madison for my last class. During the last history class this afternoon, the class of about fifty took the third and final exam. There were 65 questions, most of which were pretty easy although there were some particular details I didn’t know. There was also a sheet with bonus questions of various vocabulary words. Throughout the course, Dr. Anderson presented a number of semi-obscure vocabulary words, not necessarily directly related to history. He frequently emphasized the importance of having a large vocabulary. I walked to Tolliver Hall after I finished the exam just to relax for a little bit, having finished my last bit of work at Louisiana Tech. I went back to my room after talking with Kasey for a little bit. I ordered a pizza not long after I got back to my room and started a load of laundry. I watched C.S.I at eight while folding and packing my clothes. At about nine I walked over to Bianca’s to visit for a little while. We watched House of Wax. It’s a pretty pathetic horror movie but at least I can put in on the list. After the movie we talked for a while and I did a little work on an old laptop of hers. I went home at about 12:30 and went to bed.

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