Louisiana Tech Jazz Ensemble

I got up well before nine this morning, just because. Professor De Mattos covered several topics during French class this morning. The class is a bit behind so he’s been rushing through things during this last week of classes. Among other things, we went over household vocabulary and superlatives. After class, I went to the student center and got something to eat before taking a seat. The Louisiana Tech Jazz Ensemble performed this afternoon at 12:30. They have a 20 piece band, all competent musicians, some particularly talented. They played a number of songs, 50’s to 70’s jazz music and some swing. They sounded fantastic and it was a very enjoyable concert. It’s been a good while since I saw a live jazz performance. I went back to my room after the concert. I spent some time looking for some new music for my MP3 collection. I remained in my room until about five. I went to Tolliver Hall for a while. I intended to make my way to the cafeteria for dinner but I was never that hungry. I did, however, have an unproductive conversation with Khadijah before returning to my dorm for the evening. I didn’t really do much aside from watching The Boondocks.

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