It was cool outside today as it has been these last few days. Perhaps the pleasant weather is here to stay for a while. Like yesterday, there was no haste in getting up this morning. I believe I ate before noon today though. I got a waffle. I went to the trouble to microwave the syrup with some butter this time very good. After breakfast I went to sit in Tolliver Hall, where I remained for the better part of the afternoon. I got a call from Bianca in the afternoon. She’d just arrived back in Ruston after being in New Orleans for the weekend, packing up some things from her house there. I walked over to the University Park apartments, where Bianca is moving, shortly after nine to meet them just as they were pulling up. Dorcas’ car was filled to the brim with stuff but between the three of us, we were able to unload it surprisingly fast. I stuck around with Bianca after unloading the car to help her put some things away. I also installed a printer driver on her laptop while I was there. I walked with Bianca back to her dorm in Mitchell sometime after 11, and made my way home for the evening not too long after that.

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