Tech Won, Tulane Did Not

Like the last couple Saturdays, I didn’t rush to get up. Khadijah arranged to have ‘breakfast’ together, although I don’t think we actually ate until one in the afternoon. We were sitting outside later and saw Khadijah’s friend Steve, who invited us to join him and his friend Matt to go to the nearby Chinese buffet. Neither of us were hungry but I shortly broke down and ordered some fried donuts, which were pretty good. I went back to my room later in the afternoon. I did a little work on my website and watched some football this afternoon. Both Tulane and Louisiana Tech played this evening. LA Tech did quite well, handily defeating Hawaii 46-14. Tulane didn’t do nearly as well, falling to Houston 35-14. Tulane was in the game for a good while until Houston scored three quick touchdowns in the third thanks to some interceptions. I think I did some laundry this evening too.

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