Exam? Today?

There was an exam in French class today. I had not really prepared for it and I don’t think I did too well. I got something to eat after class and went to Tolliver for a while after stopping by my dorm to drop off my books. I’m pretty sure I remained there for quite a while. Later this evening I went with Bianca and her friend Josh to Wal-Mart. She needed some hangers and things. I bought some bed sheets while there. With those things in hand we went back to Mitchell to help Bianca move the rest of her belongings into her new apartment. It took two trips in Josh’s station wagon to get everything. She had a fridge, bookshelf, a trunk and a number of other things. I sat in the car during the second trip as John illegally parked very close to the building entrance. Ami called while I was in the car and we talked for a little while as I was sorta helping unload the car on the second go-round. Josh took me back to Cottingham afterward. By then it was well after 11, I went to bed as soon as I got home.

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