Tulane vs. UTEP

I stopped in the cafeteria before class this morning. Most of today’s French class was about vocabulary relating to family mon mre, mon pre, etc. I went to Tolliver Hall after class and remained there for a while. Bianca saw me there shortly after one and asked me to join her for lunch and help her carry some boxes she got in the mail. I packed up my laptop and we went to Chick-fil-A in the student center. After eating we walked back to her apartment with two boxes with things her mom sent her from New Orleans. I can’t remember if she opened any of the boxes before we left and went back to Tolliver. She needed to send a fax and went to the Student Government Association office. She didn’t have any luck though the whole ordeal must have gone on for almost an hour. She had one more package waiting for her in the housing office and we went back to U.P. again. I stayed with her for a little while as she unpacked the boxes. I left shortly after four as I planned on going to the Tulane football game this evening. Shortly after getting back to my dorm I went outside where a ‘tailgate’ party was taking place between Cottingham and Mitchell. Some food was on a grill and a volleyball game was going on. I got to talking with Darren, a fellow New Orleans resident who was attending UNO. Not too long after I arrived outside some barbequed turkey legs came off the grill. There wasn’t a line initially and I got one, although a rather long line formed immediately afterward and remained for a while. I walked over to the stadium around 6:00. They were giving out T-shirts at the gate. I took a seat not far from where I sat at the New Mexico game, just a few rows up. Darren and someone else from my dorm, Brian, joined me. Tech’s band was at the game, so was ESPN. The band had a kinda-sorta rendition of Tulane’s fight song it was well-intentioned. There was a nice turnout for the game, at least on the east side of the stadium. The game itself wasn’t so great. Tulane played alright but some critical mistakes cost them the game, namely three turnovers. Two resulted in UTEP touchdowns. The third was a fumble on the Miner’s five yard line. Tulane was within three points in the third, but 21 unanswered points put Tulane away with a score of 45-21. It would have been one thing if Tulane had simply played badly but that wasn’t the case. Lester Ricard didn’t throw a single interception. I walked home after the game. The stadium is just down the street from my dormitory. I didn’t do anything later this evening, not even laundry, as the coin feeder on the washing machine was broken.

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