The Weekend

I got up at a half-respectable hour on Saturday morning and took a shower before getting some breakfast. I took a walk through ‘historic downtown Ruston’ this afternoon, which amounts to about four square blocks. I was curious what was there not much. I needed a haircut too which was a more prudent motivation for taking a walk. I didn’t find an open one ‘downtown.’ I walked to a grocery store before heading back. I needed some quarters for the laundry. As I walked down Arizona Ave. on the way home I spotted a barber shop that I first noted a week or so ago. I stopped in and asked if they took credit cards, which they don’t. However, the guy there, Kenneth, offered to cut my hair anyway and take payment later, an unusual and generous offer so I got my haircut. I went home afterward. Later in the evening I met up with Khadijah and Sara for a trip to Wal-Mart. I just bought some shampoo and razors. Later in the evening, at seven, I met them again for dinner at China Wok. We walked there from Pearce. I left the restaurant ahead of them and went home. That was pretty much my Saturday. Sunday was especially uneventful. I was in my dorm most of the day, with exceptions for eating.

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