The lecture in this morning’s economics class was about gross domestic product. Professor Blackstock lectured for about an hour and then showed a video which compared the economy here in the United States to other nations around the world. The gist of the video was that economies tend to thrive when the government stays out of the way. India, for example, while full of smart people, has a poor economy due to the insane beurocracy associated with trying to start a business. The United States of course is pretty good. Hong Kong’s economy was described as rather remarkable. There are no natural resources there yet industry there is incredibly prolific. There is a minimum of regulation on businesses there. To start a small business in Hong Kong, you need only fill out a single form. I went to lunch after class and then probably to Tolliver Hall until my two o’clock class. This afternoon’s sociology class was about ‘economic inequality’ and social class. The tone of the lecture made it sound like ‘inequality’ was somehow a bad thing. While it’s a practical given that the professor is a liberal, all too often she sounds like a communist, although I can’t say she definitively expressed such opinions. After class, I went back to Tolliver for a short while before History at four. This evening’s session had to do with the end of the great depression. I got dinner after class and eventually made my way home. I spent the evening browsing stock.xchange and adding some of those header photos that appear on the top of my website. I doubled the number of images in random rotation. There are 80 now.

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