Today’s French class involved a lot of oral exercises involving asking simple questions. After class I think I went to lunch before heading back to my room. I stopped by the book store this afternoon to try and return a foreign language lab and get a size exchange on the sandals I bought about a week ago. I think I sat in Tolliver after that until I went to dinner sometime around six. I sat with John, Josh and some of their friends I don’t really know. After dinner I walked over to Nethken Hall where the first meeting of CinemaTECH was held. It’s just a small group that shows movies with a singular broad theme each semester. This evening’s first movie was The Woodsman, a fascinating movie I’ve seen previously which follows a recently released child molester. There was a break and a little discussion after the movie. A second movie was shown afterward which not as many people stayed for. [url= http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0147612/]Happiness[/url], which I’d not seen previously was a amusing, dark, ironic and somewhat disturbing movie. After the second movie I stopped to get some water and then went home.

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