Professor Blackstock spent this morning’s Economics class going over the material covered thus far for Thursday’s exam. I no longer recall exactly what I did after class, but I probably went to the cafeteria and Tolliver for a while until my two o’clock. We had our first exam in Sociology today. It was pretty easy, although I didn’t remember all of the noted ‘sociologists’ and their associated theories. The test didn’t take long so I had plenty of time before this afternoon’s history class. Today’s session touched on World War I. There was a group exercise in which we were to analyze and compare two songs: “I Didn’t Raise My Boy to be a Soldier” and “Over There.” After class I went to Tolliver hall for something to eat. I kept my seat after I finished to see a musical performance in Tolliver this evening. An acoustic band from Boston, Ryanhood, performed this evening. The band consists of two talented singers/guitar players. The music was ok and their lyrics were pretty standard fare. The last song of their set was rather amusing, an acoustic guitar rendition of the Fresh Price of Bel Air theme song. I went back to my room after the show. I continued the work on my website this evening and got a number of pages converted.

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