Lost and Found

There was a test in this morning’s economics class. It was pretty short and I was finished in 15 minutes so I had a few hours to spare before my two o’clock class. I stopped at the library to print my Sociology homework before going to the cafeteria for an early lunch. After eating I went to Tolliver and remained there until I left to go to my next class at about a quarter to two. Today’s topic in Sociology was deviance and crime. This evening’s history class touched on the Jazz age. Near the end of history class I noticed I didn’t have my ID. After class I went back to my room and didn’t find it so I looked in Tolliver and the cafeteria. I looked again in Tolliver and found it under the seat cushion of the chair I had been sitting in a few hours before. I felt pretty lucky as my ID is pretty important as I need it to eat. With it in hand again I got some dinner and then went back to Tolliver and remained there until about 7:30 before I went home for the evening. I did a load of laundry tonight and watched some TV.

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